SMG Monitor - empty time gadgets!

We were waiting for a more powerful statistics for SMG - now it has been published.

Well I know that there is almost no documentation and instructions to follow and that there will be videos to explain.

However I had an interesting experience. I have created some time based gadgets in my environment (there is another thread for data tables). But all my gadgets staid empty. I changed time frames, I even added another "Stats Module" engine - no success. Fortunately I have access to some other environments - one of them is upgraded too. I created some gadgets which immediately filled up with data. Rage

Why me? Why does my SMG not work in the same way? So I checked databases via phpPgAdmin.

My SMG is missing some tables for database SecureGatewayStats.

How do I get missing tables? I remember there was an issue with quarantine. In this case you had to delete quarantine database to get a working environment. So I dared to delete SecureGatewayStats. Finally I had to restart SMG!

Success! I see that my gadgets show graphs with values - I am happy again! Sweat smile

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  • I have updated several environments now.

    Summary: in 3 SMG environments I had to delete SecureGatewayStats (and restart). I thought I found out why and when this issue happens. But I was wrong - I did not see a duplication reason.

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  • Hi Diethmar - I got this from Josh "We’d need to have seen his system in a broken state to have any idea as to what happened here. Restarting the modules is required, so maybe he ran the update and just hadn’t restarted? Maybe that needs to be added to the online update notes. There are a couple of things that don’t entirely add up with that assessment though – if only smg-supervisor was restarted, then I could see it getting into that state, where the UI worked but stats data wasn’t being generated. That would be an unlikely ½ restarted system."  So if you would open a case the next time you have this come up, we would be able to get engineering involved.  - Pam

  • Too late, Pam Laughing

    Of course I did restart of modules, restart of postgresql and even restart of servers. However deleting SecureGatewayStats does not hurt because this database did not contain really useful information until update.

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