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Does IP Reputation accept address ranges?

I have not been able to find any information on this.

We have a new EAP provider that uses an external email service.

They have provided whitelisting information that includes 3 IP address subnets.

Has anyone tried entering a range instead of just single addresses?

Will it work with a range?


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  • Unfortunately I do not have ranges to except. But I checked one of my customers. I checked especially some parts which have been migrated from old GWAVA. Yes, there we used ranges - and if you migrate to Gwava7/SMG then these exceptions should work in the same way!

    So my conclusion - yes, it should work!

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  • Hi Diethmar,

    I do have some existing exceptions to the inbound policy IP reputation filter, but they are just single addresses.

    I think that there have been some changes in the way that IP reputation worked between GWAVA 7 on SLES, SMG on Ubuntu and SMG on SLES ( which is where we are now). If you have those migrated and appear to be working, then I'll go with that!


    Thanks, Chris