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Provide a list of known defects that have yet to be resolved.

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Users will always encounter software defects. That's a fact of life. What is extremely frustrating is to learn, after having spent considerable time troubleshooting an issue and reporting it to Micro Focus, that it is a known issue. Let me be more specific: the issue is known to Micro Focus; the customer is completely unaware!

In a perfect world, when a case is opened and it is determined that the issue is due to a program defect, a program defect would be created along with a TID that describes the issue and provides a workaround, if one is available.

  • Unfortunately, TIDs are seldom created for SMG defects.
  • There is no way for customers to know if an issue we are troubleshooting is due to a known program defect.
  • We waste a lot of time troubleshooting and gathering information to include in a new case when Micro Focus is already aware of the issue.

I can appreciate that it takes Micro Focus time and effort to create and maintain TIDs but also takes customers time and effort to diagnose and report known issues. If resources are so constrained that Micro Focus is unable to create a TID for each of the hundreds of SMG issues that are being reported, how about a compromise?

The UPDATE HISTORY page shows the Enhancements and Bug fixes included in a particular update.

The COMING SOON page shows changes planned for the upcoming SMG update.

Create a KNOWN ISSUES page and just list program defects that have been reported along with the date they were added. 


  • OCT130015 - 'No message details found' error in tracker, caused by missing message information
  • OCT112104 - SSL pass phrase failing to save on SMTP interface page
  • OCT397354 - regression in OpenDKIM signing caused by changes in previous SMG security update

Of course we wouldn't object if you included additional information like.

  • TID #...
  • Severity
  • Fix provided in SMG update #...

Kevin Boyle, 
Knowledge Partner

Calgary, Alberta, Canada