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Update Copyright date on SMG Digest Email footer

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currently states "Copyright 2020 Micro Focus"


    These digests are 'template based', so you can update them to your liking. 

    To edit the digest template in short and update that string, do the following:

    1. Log in to the smg webinterface as administrative user.

    2. Got to the menu 'System Management > Templates'

    3. In the right panel, you should see various templates in use by your system.

    Extend the Digest-one, and click on the download-symbol left to the current-filename of your used digest.

    4. This will download you a PHP-template which is used for the digest.

    5. When opening that file in your favorite editor, you can search for the '2020' number.

    In the default-template this string is around line 487.

    6. After saving the file and keeping its original formating and encoding, we re-upload the file to the smg webinterface.

    7. After re-applying the new template using choose file... in the webinterface, and applying the changes, the digest-should be updated.

    To try this out, you can either wait for your next digest release, or do a manual digest release utilizing the quarantine-settings. 

  • Also interested in learning more about this subject Can somebody tell me how to update this?