Knowledge Document: Secure messaging Gateway/GWAVA licenses show incorrect expiry dates on SMG applications



Secure Messaging Gateway Webinterface for:
Secure Messaging Gateway for GroupWise
Secure Messaging Gateway for SMTP/Exchange
Secure Messaging Gateway for GMS
Secure Messaging Gateway for WebAccess (WASP)
Secure Messaging Gateway for Enterprise Messaging


SMG license is showing expired in the Web interface, although the product has valid support maintenance.


Log in to the Software Licenses Downloads Portal (SLD), and go to the Entitlements tab, check if a new license has been added to be activated. If there is a new license, please follow the instructions for activating licenses: How to activate a license on SLD Portal (with NO Locking Information)The new activation will generate a .PEM file with the updated expiry date.

If there is no new license to activate, please find the relevant product in the list and click on the product name

In the next screen, please scroll to the bottom ,"View Transaction Details", and click on the "Update" link on the right

Please follow the same instructions for the activation of licenses.

If clicking the "Update" link takes you to the Entitlements list screen, please get in touch with Micro Focus Support by opening a support case in the Support Portaltelephone, chatting (on the Support Portal) or emailing

Access SMG support article on support portal


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