EVM Mobile for iPhone App Unifies Enterprise and Mobile Voicemail in GroupWise

Mutare Software has launched its first iPhone App – EVM Mobile – and for any GroupWise user who is tired of checking for voice messages in multiple locations, it’s a must-have. When used with Mutare's EVM Plus unified messaging application, EVM Mobile consolidates all of your voice messages from your business and cell phones and delivers them to your GroupWise email inbox. So you can listen to all of your voice messages from your email inbox without ever dialing into any voicemail system or systems. When used in conjunction with Mutare’s giSTT speech to text service, you will receive an actual text transcription of the voice message in the email delivery.

“This is a set and forget application that makes mobile users more productive by consolidating all voice messages in one place without having to constantly change your call forward setting on your iPhone,” said Roger Northrop, Director of Business Development for Mutare Software.

EVM Mobile’s method of action is to send a message string to your carrier that enables conditional call forward to your office phone number. The application creates EVM Mobile as a contact on your iPhone with one number to enable or disable the feature. The free application is available in the Apple App store for immediate download.

For more information visit: http://www.mutare.com/evm.asp


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