GroupWise Disassociate Directory Tool

Menu driven tool created for GroupWise.

This program uses the GroupWise REST API to create a list of users, groups, or resources, and disassociate them by removing the directory link.

The tool will prompt for the following:

  • Server address / IP

  • Port

  • Admin Name

  • Password

There are four main menus to build the desired list of URLs to be disassociated.

The URL list can be cleared on the main menu if any mistakes are made

Once the URL list is ready, select 'Disassociate List'  on the main menu to remove the links for all listed URL objects.


How To-Best Practice
Comment List
    It is recommended that you back up the GroupWise user's mailbox before you start this tool. If problems with the mail file are large enough, GWCheck can remove Novell GroupWise to allow the user to correct data from the mailbox. This is rare, but it is best to just back up.