Customer Influence on GroupWise (Part 1) - Impacting the GroupWise Roadmap


You understand the great value that Novell GroupWise brings to your organization, but we know that it's often a daily fight to help others in your organization to get it. Not only do we want to help you with that effort by giving you ongoing insight into the GroupWise roadmap, but we want you to influence that roadmap, as well.

With this objective in mind, members of the GroupWise product team and Novell top management recently connected face-to-face with your IT peers and their upper management in several GroupWise accounts. As part of a GroupWise re-engagement project, these customer visits took place with more than 150 organizations from multiple industries in Europe, Latin America, Asia/Pacific and North America. The goal of these visits was simply to understand the direction customers want Novell to take with GroupWise and then act on that feedback. (See Figure 1.)

We want you to influence the GroupWise roadmap in a way that better helps you and your organization.

You can read an executive report on the results of the visits-and its direct affect on the GroupWise roadmap-by visiting But if you just want some quick insight on a few of the ways customer input is guiding GroupWise engineering priorities, read the following series of Cool Solutions articles when they go live:

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Figure 1- Customer requests for Novell GroupWise feature enhancements

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