Troubleshooting a Secondary GroupWise Domain Error



We ran in to a weird problem creating a secondary domain that had us scratching our heads for a while. We got it fixed so this might help anyone else who runs into this.

We were trying to create a secondary domain on an OES Linux server. We could map a drive to the server and see the volume. When we ran the utility from ConsoleOne to create the secondary domain, the directory structure was created and the *.dc files copied onto the server, but we got an error:

An error occurred modifying an attribute value. Path not found (0x8209). No objects were created in the tree. 

We were also seeing the same thing if we try to put the secondary on a NetWare server. However, in our test network it worked fine.


I ran a packet trace from the workstation to see what was going on. I saw some 601 errors and 603 errors in the NDS packets when it was trying to create the domain object, but we saw the same errors in the test network. Given the fact the error was complaining about a path and the fact that it was an 8209 error, it seemed more likely that it was some sort of file system problem.

As I was looking at the NCP packets, there was one that showed that it couldn't find the wpoffice folder on the primary domain. Sure enough, there was no wpoffice folder on the primary. Also missing from the primary were the wpcs and wptools folder. These folders were present on the test network server that worked. We put the missing folders back on the primary, and we were able to create the secondary domain. (Why these folders were missing, I don't know.)


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