GroupWise 8 Best Practices

Many moons ago we created a GroupWise 6 Best Practices Guide, which comprised of a couple of TIDs and covered a lot of the questions that GroupWise administrators had about the best ways to deploy GroupWise. It still gets used today, though it is very much out of date. Technology has moved on immensely, as has the product. Today we support many more platforms, there are different components and different ways to configure the system.

As our customers move from NetWare to Linux they have questions about the best way to deploy GroupWise in the new environment. As they move from GroupWise 7 to GroupWise 8 they have questions about the best way to perform the migration. As is the always the case for the GroupWise community there are already lots of great resources out there, like Danita’s book or the Open Horizons magazine, but we have recently also created a revised GroupWise 8 Best Practices Wiki.

The guide has been created by some of our community’s leading experts, who made the huge sacrifice of locking themselves away in a Scottish Castle, with a free bar, for a long weekend. Joking aside, they ploughed through huge amounts of content and have hopefully answered a lot of the questions that you may have. As the guide is in Wiki format other community members have already been contributing the content and you, as other experts in the field, are also able to contribute. Ideally I would love to get a number of real world configurations that you have had success with listed in the Wiki so that others can learn from this.

So please take a look, and let us know what you think.


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