Using GroupWise as a Booking System



A Forum reader recently asked:

"We have a number of "Hot Desks" in our office and need some way of recording when they are booked and who to. Visitors arrive from all over the country, from other offices in the group. Also, it would be good if the booking information could be read by users in our other offices so they know that we have desks available before they arrange their travel. Possibly two people would need to have access, other than read-only, to edit the data.

And here's the response from Grant Gathagan ...


Two choices immediately come to mind, but there may be more:

1) Set up the Web Publisher component of GroupWise's WebAccess and have the responsible parties publish the calendar to the web site. Note that this is completely insecure - anyone can view the documents.

Here's an example:

Click on the lower of the two icons located on the left side of the page. Then click on the "Publish" Hyperlink that appears next to the icons. You'll now see a list of documents that can be viewed.

2) Purchase a 3rd-party plug-in to allow the same. Omni-TS' CCUWeb and Messaging Architects' GWExtranet are two that come to mind.

Set up a resource in GW for each hot desk and assign ownership of the resource to whomever is in charge of scheduling the desks.

You can also Google "publish GroupWise to web" to get started down this road.

Note that GroupWise 8 is slated to have a "publish to web" feature for calendars.


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