Setting Up Repeat Calendar Entries with Autodate



I just got into the office this morning and checked out my calender - as it is a new year (3rd Jan 2007), there were not a whole lot of entries entered for 2006 that I also wanted to show in 2007 (and 2008, 2009 ...) like birthdays, etc.

I tried to enter an appropriate reminder not and set it to repeat yearly but this didn't seem to want to work.


I then had a quick look into the auto-date formula option. This is detailed in the GroupWise help function (search for auto-date), but my specific example wasn't there - repeat every year on the same day.

So I tried entering a date of 25 Jan [which is the date of Burns night - the birthday of Scots poet Robbie Burns (]. Then I selected the number of occurences (default is 50), then clicked OK and then Send.

I now have a reminder message for the next 50 years.

I wonder what Groupwise will be like by then


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