GroupWise Auto Complete and external address books

Q. Art wrote: When forming an email message, in the "To, CC, or BCC" fields, can GroupWise be configured to autocomplete email addresses by pulling from an external LDAP such as openLDAP? Particularly, I mean addresses that are not GroupWise users. In researching features, GroupWise looks pretty awesome, but the autocomplete issues is unclear to me.

Also, can GroupWise authenticate users against an external LDAP or does it use some type of internal database for its users?

A. GroupWise doesn't have the ability to do this out of the box. If you have any mad development skills, you may be able to use some of the GroupWise developer APIs to write something that can do this. You can find that at :

GroupWise out of the box will auto complete in the To, CC or BC fields but only from users in the GW system or an outside name that resides in the Frequent Contacts Address book.

GroupWise can use LDAP for user authentication, however it uses a proprietary database structure for all databases.


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