Great New Moves: The Time has Come for GroupWise 8 and ZENworks 10 Configuration Management


Great New Moves: The Time has Come for GroupWise 8 and ZENworks 10 Configuration Management

By Ken Baker, Novell Connection Magazine - July 2010

Here's an excerpt:

An old proverb states that all good things must come to an end. That might be true, but sometimes when one good thing ends, something great takes its place. Such is the case for general support for older versions of Novell ZENworks and Novell GroupWise. General support for GroupWise 7 has ended and moved into the extended support phase, and general support for ZENworks 7 will end in June of next year. (See Lifecycle Support Terms.) However, these endings signal even greater features, functionality and integration in the forms of GroupWise 8 and ZENworks 10 Configuration Management.

Opening the door to the GroupWise and third-party application integration you’ve been waiting for, Novell will soon release Novell Data Synchronizer and the Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack.

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Now that general support for GroupWise 7 has ended, and it’s moved into extended support, the time has come to move to the latest version of GroupWise if you haven’t already. But beyond support lifecycle considerations, there are a number of compelling reasons to upgrade to GroupWise 8. From the personal productivity dashboard to enhancements in time, task and contact management, the array of new features that GroupWise 8 delivers over its predecessors has been widely chronicled over the past two years. (See GroupWise Resource Library Untapped Power, and Personal Overdrive) And upcoming product releases—including Novell Data Synchronizer, new BlackBerry Enterprise Server support, and a GroupWise update that brings additional integrations with Novell Conferencing and Novell Teaming—offer additional reasons to make the move.

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  • We've been waiting for a year almost for BES 5.x support and it's still not out yet. (Compared to Exchange/Notes versions which were out fairly quickly). Other thing I'd mention too (in case nobody has seen Dean's blog) is that the next release of GW (Ascot) will be 64-bit only. Too bad it was announced so late after Novell kept pressing everyone to migrate from NW to OES2, so a lot of places still have 32-bit OES2 and are now forced to do yet another migration.
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