Finding bad addresses in GroupWise group lists

Q: Marcus H. wrote: We run a mailing list from GroupWise using the group list function. Over the years a number of mail addresses, which we have deleted from every contact list we can find, get a mail sent to them every time we mail our group. We then get a notification that the mail could not be delivered to these addresses as they do not exist. Yet as far as we can ascertain, we never sent the mail to these people at all as we had deleted them. Where are these addresses hiding?

A. The best way to track this one down would be to check the Sent Item properties of a message that has these bounces. That would tell you which distribution list, group, etc., the bad addresses could be in.

Q. Often we need to resend a mail to our group. Every time we go to resend, the same four mail addresses appear in the blind copy field of their own accord. We did not purposefully add them to this field -- they automatically appear and we have to manually delete them before we can resend. We are using GroupWise 7, and are part of an education institution. Any help would be appreciated

A. Doing resend on a mail message is going to readdress it exactly as it was addressed to begin with. Once you delete the BC names out and send that reply, any resend on that mail message should go without the BC names. So this is not behaving properly. Unfortunately since you are using GroupWise 7, you are no longer able to call Novell Support about it, since has reached the end of its support lifecycle. You may want to go post this in the Novell Forums and see if anyone out there has seen this before. Here is the GroupWise 7.x Forum. Good luck! Come back here and post a comment if you find the answer.


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