Migration-proof CRM integration for GroupWise and Exchange


Riva Integration Server is the only bi-directional, server-side CRM integration solution that is compatible with GroupWise and Exchange. Plus, Riva is compatible with a broader set of CRM systems and delivers advanced features: archive emails; sync CRM opportunities, cases and quotes; SmartConvert, AssignTo and ConnectBar integration.

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Riva Integration Server for GroupWise and Exchange

Riva Integration Server, the original server-side CRM integration solution for GroupWise, now delivers connectors for all GroupWise and Exchange mail clients, including GroupWise (client and server); GroupWise WebAccess; Novell Data Synchronizer mobile devices; Outlook (2011); Outlook Web Access; Outlook on Terminal Services; Office 2011 for Mac; Entourage 2008; Apple Mail, iCal and Address Book; and others.

Riva delivers the only "migration-proof" CRM integration solution for GroupWise, Exchange and the following CRM systems – NO plug-ins required!:















    • And others...

* NOTE: Riva's SharePoint connectors are only available for GroupWise.

With Riva, there are no GroupWise plug-ins to install, configure or manage on users' desktops, laptops or Novell Data Synchronizer mobile devices. Riva gets installed once on a server and GroupWise (or Exchange) administrators configure server-side synchronization policy options for individual users or groups of users.

Riva is compatible with on-premise and hosted GroupWise and Exchange systems. And, Riva itself can be running on-premise or in the cloud. Riva's cloud-based integration service, Riva Live, is ideal for small businesses and Novell Open Workgroup Suite (NOWS).

What Riva synchronizes between CRM systems, GroupWise and Exchange:

    • Accounts


    • Contacts


    • Leads


    • Custom fields (CRM, mail system)


    • Appointments (including recurring appointments)


    • Meetings


    • Full-day and multi-day events


    • Tasks


    • Phone calls


    • CRM opportunities


    • CRM cases


    • CRM quotes


    • CRM projects


    • Other custom CRM modules


    • And more...

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