BrainStorm Cool Tip: Get Notified When Someone Else Gets a Message


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When you have proxy rights for someone else's account and need to know not only when you receive a message, but when they do, too, follow this tips to subscribe to their notifications.


1. The user for whom you want to see notifications has given you proxy access rights.

2. You are currently being notified of messages. To set up notifications for your account, follow the steps in this previous BrainStorm Cool Tip:

Getting Proxy Notification Access

Ask the user from whom you have proxy rights to follow these steps:

  1. Select Tools | Options.

  • Double-click the Security icon.

  • Click the Proxy Access tab.

  • Click the user you wish to give access.

  • Check Subscribe to my alarms

  • Check Subscribe to my notifications.

  • Click OK and Close.

Subscribing to the Notifications

After the one you proxy for has granted you permission to subscribe, you must subscribe to the notifications.

  1. Select Tools | Options.

  • Double-click the Security icon.

  • Click the Notify tab.

  • Select the user for whom you have proxy rights in the Notification list. If the user doesn't appear, use the address book icon to select the user and add him or her to the list.

  • Check "Subscribe to alarms".

  • Check "Subscribe to notifications".

  • Click OK and Close.

(Click the play button below to see a flash demonstration of this tip.)

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