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GroupWise Training Promotion!

Meet Jeff McMurdie, Novell Training Services Practice Lead....he has a GroupWise Training offer you can't afford to miss out on...


As the manager over development and delivery for Novell products, I am excited to have launched a training promotion with the highly anticipated release of GroupWise 2012. I don't need to sell you on the new features of the product, but with web-based iPad support, integrations with Novell Vibe and Skype, relevance sorting, shared folder trees, and simplified recurring appointments, modified appointments and multi-user calendars... there is plenty to justify the need for training.

understand that training your end users on the new GroupWise client functionality isn't always in the budget, if ever.... so I am excited to offer end-user training seats for free and for the first time ever. This is how the promotion will work:

There are two offerings, a 2 day that focuses on the Move to GroupWise 2012, and a 4 day full length administration course.

If you register for the 2-day online “Moving to GroupWise 2012” course (focused on the Administrator) you will be given 10 free seats for the GroupWise 2012 end-user training sessions. But wait... it gets better, register two admins, and you’ll get 20 free end-user training seats. There is no limit. This two day course will focus on the new features for Administration, and what better way to sharpen your skills, connect with others and get lingering questions answered.

This same applies for the full 4-day “Novell GroupWise 2012 Advanced Administration” course. EXCEPT you'll get 20 free seats at the end-user training session of your choice.

To address even further the concerns over budget, these classes will all run online via our virtual training classroom, in time zones that support both EMEA and NAM time zones (however, only in English at this point). If you haven't tried taking online class, then give it a try... You'll still get all the benefits of being in class, without the cost and time of travel.

You can find all this information and more details, with all the training course descriptions and dates at the following link We will be adding additional dates as the demand for this offer increases. We want to make sure that all GroupWise customers have an opportunity to maximize their investment in this awesome product.

It is once again exciting to be part of a solid company, with great products. GroupWise 2012 marks the beginning of our renewed commitment to more frequent, customer-focused releases. End-user productivity remains important for today's organizations, and our focus in GroupWise 2012 on simplifying everyday email and calendaring tasks, enhancing mobile collaboration, and bringing social collaboration tools into the GroupWise interface is resonating very well with our customers.

If you are interested in other offerings, dates, on-site or have other training needs, please reach me directly at or generic training questions to

Jeff McMurdie
Novell Training Services Practice Lead


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