Formativ Applet: Add Entry to Address Book


This applet will add the sender details of a selected email message into an address book of your choice. If the entry already exists in the address book, a dialog will be displayed allowing you to either

  1. replace the existing entry, or
  2. select another address book.

INTEGRATIONS: GroupWise main toolbar; Mail message toolbar and right context menu.

*The installation file contains one or more Formativ applets, a brief help text file and any data required by the solution.

Note: To run the free applets available on this page, you will need to install one of the Formativ products below:

  • Runtime - For GroupWise users. Formativ Runtime is a low cost engine for running an unlimited number of Formativ solutions for GroupWise.
  • Developer - For GroupWise developers. Formativ Developer enables rapid GroupWise enhancement, customization and creation of enterprise solutions. Use Developer to run, customize and extend the free solutions available from Formativ Applet Central.

Visit the Formativ Applet Central site for more information.


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