Formativ Applet: Today View Solution


The Today View calendar view is created inside a Formativ Portal, which means it is a persistent view. You can switch to another GroupWise view, then return to Today View - just select the Formativ Portals folder in your GroupWise folder list, or run Today View again.

The Today view content does not automatically update when a new item arrives in your account. Click Refresh periodically to ensure the view reflects the current contents of your GroupWise calendar.

Documentation for the Today View solution can be found under the 'Advansys Formativ Today View Solution' item added to the Windows Start menu.

To open the original GroupWise calendar item, click on the item in the Today view.

Click the Settings button at the top of the view to change the following settings:

  • Messages. Choose which folders to include in the summary view (total messages per folder): Mailbox, Calendar, Work In Progress and Checklist.
  • Calendar. Specify the number of days for which to display calendar items. You can choose between one and seven days.
  • Tasks. Specify if you wish to see tasks starting today, or all tasks. You can also specify the task sort order.
  • Style. Choose from one of two view layouts, Standard or Winter.

*The installation file contains one or more Formativ Applets, a brief help file and any data required by the solution.

Note: To run the free Applets available on this page, you will need to install one of the Formativ products below:

  • Runtime - For GroupWise users.
    Formativ Runtime is a low cost framework for running an unlimited number of Formativ solutions for GroupWise.
  • Creator - For GroupWise power users and developers.
    Formativ Creator enables rapid GroupWise enhancement, customization and creation of end-user and enterprise solutions. Creator can also run any Applet, including the free solutions available at Formativ Applet Central.

Visit the Formativ Applet Central site for more information.


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