Store User Profile in User Home Directory on OES 2 SP2 Server


Authors: Dodda Venkata, Poovizhi Palanisamy

System Requirements:


    • Server Platform: OES 2 SP2(SP2 Mandatory for this cool solution to work)


    • Agent Platform: Win XP SP3


    • ZENworks: ZDML 7 SP1 IR4a(Installed to the eDirectory configured with this OES 2 SP2 server)

This Cool solution describes how to use User's Home Directory on OES 2 Linux Server for Storing Roaming Profiles from a ZENworks 7 SP1 IR4 Agent.

Note: If you try to use Roaming Profiles option with User Home directory on OES 2 server it will not work. OES 2 Support Pack 2 is a mandatory.


System Pre-requisites:


    • CIFS should be installed on the OES 2 SP2 Server


    • Should have a console one installed with ZDML 7 SP1 IR4 snapins


    • Should have iManager installed.

This is how we will run through this cool solution:


  1. Setting Home Directory option to a User in eDirectory.
  2. Configuring Roaming Profiles.
  3. Assigning Roaming Profiles to this User.
  4. Checking the successful storage of Roaming Profiles in User's home directory.

1. Setting Home Directory option to a User in eDirectory:

  1. Using consoleOne, select a user for whom you want to set the Home Directory.
  2. Right click and go to properties > General > Environment > Home Directory. Browse and select the folder you want to set as the home directory for this user.
  3. Go to the "Rights to Files and Folders" tab. Click on "Add" and browse and select the same folder which you selected as the home directory.
  4. In the rights section, tick all the check boxes.
  5. Apply and close.
  6. Using iManager, log in to this eDirectory tree as the admin user of the tree.
  7. In "Roles and Tasks" select "Passwords" > "Password Policies"
  8. Select the "CIFS default policy" > Policy assignment tab.
  9. Browse and add user object to "Assign to" list. Click apply and OK.
  10. Log out.
  11. Log in and Log out as the user to whom CIFS default policy is assigned.
  12. This sets Universal policy for this User. Which is required for accessing CIFS share.

2. Configure Roaming Profiles Policy:

  1. In ConsoleOne, right-click the User Package, click Properties, then click the appropriate platform page.
  2. Select the check box under the Enabled column for the Windows Desktop Preferences policy.
  3. Click Properties to display the Roaming Profiles page.
  4. Tick the check box "Roaming Profiles" and then tick the check box "Enable storage of roaming profiles".
  5. Select "Store User Profile in User’s Home Directory".
  6. Click Apply and close.

Roaming Profiles to this User:

  1. In the User package properties, go to the Associations tab.
  2. Add the user for whom the home directory is configured.
  3. Click Apply and close.

4. Checking the successful storage of Roaming Profiles in User's home directory:

  1. Log in to the Workstation where ZDM 7 SP1 IR4a agent is running as the user to whom Roaming Profiles & home directory is assigned.
  2. Configure the user profile.
  3. Log out from this workstation.
  4. Go to consoleOne and Browse to the home directory folder and find the profile details stored in there.


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    Thank you for the article!

    Question: What is the CIFS bug and/or functionality fixed in OES 2 SP2 that makes this work now versus original/SP1 release of OES 2?