Formativ Applet: Message Classification


This applet is a simple demonstration of using a custom field to categorize existing email messages as either 'Official' or 'Unofficial'. It adds a button to the GroupWise email view, which when clicked displays a dialog that allows the user to categorize the message as either 'Official' or 'Unofficial'. As all messages in the account are assumed to be Official by default, data is only stored in the custom field if the user designates the message as 'Unofficial'.

You can see the message status by adding the "ADV Official Status" custom field to the mail list column header in the client. Messages that have been designated as unofficial will have the word "Unofficial" appear.

You can easily search for unofficial messages by using the standard GroupWise Find facility, using the Advanced find option.

You may need to restart the client the very first time you execute the applet in order to see the newly created custom field.

INTEGRATIONS: This applet is integrated with the email view.

*The installation file contains one or more Formativ applets, a brief help text file and any data required by the solution.

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