Dissociate all users from a directory for GroupWise 2014

Windows app to dissociate all users from a directory. Must be run on a Windows 64bit machine.

The information required is:

GroupWise Admin Service IP/Hostname:
Admin Service Port:
GroupWise System Administrator:
Administrator Passsword:
Directory ID: <this can be found by going into the admin console -> system -> ldap servers>

Please make sure that you have a complete, working backup of your GroupWise system before using.



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    Has anyone encountered the following error: File "", line 28, in KeyError: 'outOf'?
  •   in reply to ghoman
    Can someone answer my question above. It hass been over a year waiting?
    Is there a way to see an output log? Run this and it provides no errors or feedback. Assuming errors because it's not working.

    Also, if the Directory has already been deleted, it's not possible to find the ldap association name. Will it still work under those circumstances?
    The deleting of the directory does not have each account fall back to a non-associated state. It stays in a limbo state at that point. You can associate to a new directory. But to get the fields available for use with the GroupWise password you still must dissociate.

    I wish they made it availableo dissociate by selecting all users in a PO.
    Why do we have to run such a utility to do the Dissociate action for GroupWise 2014 mailboxes when the GroupWise Admin Console > System > LDAP Server and Directories > (Delete) of the eDirectory Directory object entry does this already?


    Does the above action not scrub all the attributes of the eDir directory from the 2014 mailboxes?