Why NOW is the Perfect Time to Upgrade your GroupWise Email Security & Archiving


Free Competitive Upgrade for GroupWise Security

GWAVA (now part of Micro Focus) is running a special offer to trade out your current competing security and/or archiving licenses and replace them with Retain and/or GWAVA*.

If you’re running GroupWise, you should make the switch because you’ll enjoy:

    • The best GroupWise archiving and security solutions on the market.


    • A single source for all your GroupWise needs.


    • Tight technical integration between GWAVA, Retain, and GroupWise.

GWAVA has been the industry leader in GroupWise Email Security and archiving for years. With Micro Focus’s acquisition of GWAVA it is now the official standard when it comes to GroupWise protection, access, and archiving.

GWAVA is the only solution to provide total GroupWise protection from the inside-out, by scanning and intercepting all messages that pass through GroupWise MTA, POA, and GWIA, in real time. Retain Unified Archiving “is the first choice for organizations using GroupWise,” according to the Info-Tech Group’s recent Vendor Landscape for Content and Email Archiving.

Not convinced?
Here is a recording of the webinar that was held on Jan. 19th giving more details on Retain, GWAVA and the promotional pricing. https://youtu.be/KrhWEJIcQqU

Details of the promotion:
From now until March 31, 2017, get discounted pricing and trade in your current competitor licenses for Retain and/or GWAVA for all current GroupWise customers. If you don’t have an archiving solution and/or an email security solution, you can still get the discounted pricing.

Retain Unified Archiving Discount

    • Archiving in the Cloud - Purchase a 1 year subscription of Retain Cloud Archiving, get 3 months free.


    • On-premise Archiving - Purchase a 1 year subscription of Retain on-prem, get 3 months free (this includes the cost of the Retain Server and the GroupWise archiving module)


    • With all offers, the Archive Migration services are offered to you at a discount.

GWAVA GroupWise Security Discount

    • GroupWise Security in the Cloud - Purchase a 1 year subscription of GWAVA Cloud Security, get 3 months free.


    • On-premise Security - Purchase a 1 year subscription of GWAVA on-prem, get 3 months free.


    • On-premise Security with Traditional License/Maintenance - Purchase 1 year of maintenance, receive the server license for free.

About Micro Focus Retain Unified Archiving
Retain provides unified archiving of all business communication including email, social media, and mobile communication data for case assessment, search, and eDiscovery. It can be deployed on-prem or in the cloud. This includes email archiving for Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Gmail and Micro Focus GroupWise platforms. Retain Mobile archives mobile device communication data for Android, BlackBerry, and iOS, including SMS/text messages, BBM Messages, BBM Protected, phone call logs, and PIN Messages. Retain Social provides monitoring and data insight into message context and tone of all posts for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Vimeo, Flickr, Pinterest, and Google (on and off network).

About Micro Focus GWAVA Email Security
GWAVA is the only solution that provides complete protection for a GroupWise messaging platform, including WebAccess and the GroupWise Mobility Service. GWAVA intercepts all messages passing through GroupWise MTA, POA, and GWIA, in real time, to make sure they are free of viruses, spam, ransomware, botnet attacks, malware, and illicit images. GWAVA provides the best zero-hour antivirus protection available for both inbound and outbound traffic. Threats are stopped before an outbreak occurs, which saves you thousands of dollars in lost time and data.

Contact us to take advantage of this great offer.


*All competitive upgrades require purchase of maintenance or annual subscription. Perpetual licenses will be exchanged for a perpetual license where equivalent. Customers with subscription licenses will be replaced with corresponding subscription licenses. All on-premise customers will also have the option to transition to a corresponding Cloud offering for Retain.


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