Why is GWAVA Considered the Leader In GroupWise Security?


GWAVA Security for GroupWise

GWAVA Secure Message Gateway is unique for GroupWise, because it was built for GroupWise. Unlike other email secure gateway solutions, GWAVA fully protects GroupWise. This is because GWAVA doesn’t just scan for viruses and spam at the gateway, GWAVA intercepts all messages passing through the GroupWise MTA, POA, and GWIA, in real time, to make sure they are free of viruses, spam, malware, and illicit images. This gives you total protection for GroupWise, ensuring that viruses cannot enter your GroupWise system, or spread internally.

Plus, GWAVA is the only security solution to offer protection for GroupWise WebAccess, with WASP (WebAccess Server Protection). Because WebAccess communicates directly with the post office, bypassing the GWIA, SMTP and the MTA, communication done via WebAccess is unprotected and could directly infect your GroupWise system. WASP sits at the GroupWise WebAccess Gateway and filters unwanted content before it reaches the system. With WASP, you have complete protection with a solution that scans, filters, and quarantines every element of your messaging system.

GWAVA also offers protection for GroupWise Mobility Service, by scanning all messages sent or received on mobile devices connected to the GroupWise Messaging Service. GWAVA stops viruses before they enter your GroupWise system. Finally, GWAVA offers protection for Micro Focus Vibe, by scanning all messages and uploads to Vibe and stopping viruses before they enter your network.

GWAVA provides total protection for your Micro Focus GroupWise infrastructure.

For more information about GWAVA, check out - GWAVA for GroupWise Data Sheet

GWAVA’s History

GWAVA, or Groupwise Anti-Virus Agent, is a product that was originally developed in 2001 and became the heart and soul of a company called Beginfinite. The security solution for Groupwise was so successful, in fact, that it eclipsed the name Beginfinite and in 2004 the name of the company was changed to GWAVA. Twelve years later, after GWAVA was acquired by Micro Focus, we remember the product that put GWAVA on the map. GWAVA continues to be the leading security solution for GroupWise.

But Wait...There’s More!

In addition to GroupWise protection, GWAVA Messaging security provides inbound and outbound protection for your company's enterprise network and other messaging systems (including Exchange, Office 365, Gmail and even Lotus Domino). GWAVA includes antivirus, anti-spam, cybercrime protection, DDoS protection, and illicit image blocking with built-in image analysis.

Quick GWAVA Overview Video

gwava messaging security youtube video

Promotional Offer

We want you and your company to benefit from what GWAVA has to offer. From now until March 31, 2017, you can get discounted pricing by trading in your current competitor licenses for GWAVA for all current GroupWise customers. If you don’t have an archiving solution and/or an email security solution, you can still get the discounted pricing.

Here are the discounts that we are offering:

GWAVA GroupWise Security Discount

  • GroupWise Security in the Cloud - Purchase a 1 year subscription of GWAVA Cloud Security, get 3 months free.

  • On-premise Security - Purchase a 1 year subscription of GWAVA on-prem, get 3 months free.

  • On-premise Security with Traditional License/Maintenance - Purchase 1 year of maintenance, receive the server license for free

Learn more about the promotion/GWAVA Security by viewing the GroupWise exclusive webinar.

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