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As the blog has solicited input regarding decisions that will impact Windermere, there was a need to communicate back to this audience and update each blog affected. Here are a list of decisions that because of your input and feedback, Windermere plans and direction have been adjusted.

Support for Windows XP

Windermere will support Windows XP as a desktop OS. There are several comments, emails, and private discussions that have helped us reconsider our original thinking. While Microsoft will stop supporting Windows XP during the first few months of 2014, Novell and GroupWise will continue to support the GroupWise Windows Client running on Windows XP. You should make sure your desktop OS version is completely patched and that you have a desktop migration upgrade strategy in place as soon as possible. With Microsoft discontinuing support, any issue that is reported to Novell that would require a fix from Microsoft will result in a request by support to the customer to upgrade their OS first.

As a result of supporting Windows XP for Windermere, IE8 running on XP will also be supported. IE9 and IE10 will be the supported browsers for Windows 7/8. Please plan accordingly.

Gateway Links in the Link Configuration Tool

We had communicated that the plan was to remove Gateway Link Types for Windermere. We are reversing this decision and Gateway Links will remain in Windermere and will be administered through the new Admin Console. THANK YOU for your feedback, advice, and technical insight.

Addresssing Rules

It was also communicated that Addressing rules were also under consideration to be removed. After further consideration, Windermere will continue to support Addressing Rules. While the plan continues to lead us to remove this functionality and deem it legacy, the capability will remain for Windermere.

References to this blog and this update will be added to previous blogs to direct readers to this more current message and thinking.

Once again, we want to thank you for your input and participation as we discuss, push the envelope and look for ways to stream line, improve, and push forward the GroupWise platform.



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    Thanks for your suggestion. The only reason this has not been implemented and included in the product is simply time and resources. Currently, there are hundreds of requests for enhancements. This is one of them.

    There is a formal way to submit an enhancement request...although this blog is a great way! Here is the link to the Novell Request Management System.

    It sounds like you are already aware of the solutions provided by our partners like Omni-TS


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    See my response to the comment above...
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    There seems to be some confusion about this functionality in Windermere. While we will do away with the feature called 'External Entities' does NOT mean that we won't support this functionality. It will simply be different.

    In ConsoleOne there were External Domains and Non-GroupWise Domains. External Domains are objects that refer to GroupWise Domains outside the current system. Non-GroupWise Domains are meant to contain objects that are not GroupWise objects (ie. Exchange users, etc.). If you select GroupWise in ConsoleOne, right-click and select "New" these are two of the options that show up.

    Users fall into 4 categories:

    Users - associated with User objects in eDirectory.

    External Entities - associated with GroupWise External Entity objects in eDirectory.

    Non-eDirectory Users - GroupWise only users that reside in the current system but are not associated with an eDirectory object. These types of users only show up when either a User or External Entity is dis-associated with their eDirectory counterpart. They cannot be created directly.

    External Users - GroupWise only users objects that are created under a External Domain or a Non-GroupWise Domain. These refer to users outside the current system but they will show up in the System Address Book in the client.

    In Windermere we will be doing away with External Entities, but also adding the ability to create Non-eDirectory users (Stand-alone Users) directly. All of these objects can be assigned as Group members.

    I have been looking for this ability and outside of purchasing a 3rd party tool it doesn't appear possible. Is there a reason that the development team does not include this ability in the management GUI? How do I suggest this to the development team?
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    You already answered this question two years ago. Sorry. I should have searched for "Winderemere and SNMP".

    For those interested, yes there will be 64-bit SNMP in Winderemere. The details are in this previous blog post from Dean:…

    This may or may not be the right place to put this, but I think it fits.

    What will be the status of SNMP in Windermere?

    According to TID 3035461 , GroupWise's SNMP lib does not work on 64-bit Linux systems and there are no plans to fix it while GW is 32-bit. Since Windermere will be 64-bit, will the SNMP libraries be updated to work with the new release?

    Hi Dean
    We use external addresses in Distribution Lists heavily also.
    Thought you should know.
    tim o
    Hi Dean ;
    I was talking with tech support yesterday and they informed me that external users for Distribution lists are going away. We use this feature extensively we have hundreds of people in it.
    I need a way to add external E-mail addresses into Distribution lists. Maybe an GroupWise admin administered phone book, like the Novell GroupWise Address book.