Hiding an Address or Post Office from the Mobile Server's Global Address List



A Forum reader recently asked:

"Is there a way to hide an address or post office from the Mobile Server's Global Address List? I have a post office with terminated accounts which is set to no visibility, so the accounts are not visible in the GroupWise address book, but they are all still appearing in the Global Address List on mobile devices."

And here's the response from Steve Tucker ...


In order to keep users from seeing the "expired" post office accounts, I just limit the DL lists that are available for the Global Address List, via the Admin Console on the GMS

1. Go into the Properties of the default Novell GroupWise profile.

2. Click the User Settings tab.

3. Select "Sync the members of these distribution lists".

4. Be sure to de-select the option at the bottom that says "Allow users to override the system address book settings".

Now only the users of the selected DL's appear in the GroupWise Address List.


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