GroupWise Distribution List Import (GWDLI)


GWDLI is a command line tool for adding or removing users from GroupWise distribution lists. It can also add or remove distribution lists from the membership list of other distribution lists. GWDLI reads in a CSV file which contains the member to add or remove, the NDS name of the list, and the command (add or remove).

GroupWise Distribution List Import (GWDLI) 1.0

Last Update: 5/15/2006

1. Introduction

GroupWise Distributin List Import (GWDLI) is a command-line based utility for
adding or removing members of distribution lists. It reads a comma-separated
(CSV) file which specifies the NDS name of the member, NDS name of the
distribution list, and whether to add or remove the user. Currently, the
distribution list cannot be identified by its GroupWise style name
(i.e. PO and Domain). It must be the NDS format. However, this may be allowed
in future versions.

2. Requirements

Since this tool is written in Visual Basic .NET, the .Net Framework version 1.1
is REQUIRED. This can be easily obtained at In
addition, the following are also required:

  • Novell Client for Windows

  • GroupWise Client for Windows

The program has been tested in the following environments:

  • Windows XP Professional SP2

  • Novell Client 4.91

  • GroupWise Client 6.5 and 7.0

  • SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 and NetWare 6.5 SP2

  • GroupWise 6.5 and 7.0

  • eDirectory 8.7.3.x

However, it should work with any GroupWise system back to at least version 5.5
EP and just about any eDirectory version back to the original eDirectory "85."

In addition to the above software requirements, the user running the tool must
have FULL file rights to the domain directory and proper administrative rights
in eDirectory to modify accounts.

3. Installation

Simply unzip the archive into a directory. The Interop DLL must be in the same
directory as the executable.

4. Import File

The import file must be in a CSV format and must have the following fields:

DN of user, DN of list, add or remove

A sample file, sampledata.csv, is included.

5. Operation

Prior to launching GWDLI, the workstation should be logged into eDirectory with
a drive mapped to a GroupWise domain directory. GWDLI must have access to
WPDOMAIN.DB in order to function.

Updates can be found at


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