GroupWise Password Set (GWPASSWD)


Command line utility which can be used to reset GroupWise Passwords. Can find the user either using an NDS distringuished name or a GroupWise object ID.

Last Update: 1/25/2007

1. Introduction

GWPASSWD is a command line utility that can be used to reset GroupWise
passwords. It can only reset the GroupWise password, not the actual NDS
password. If you use GroupWise with LDAP authentication, other tools
such as Novell's ICE utility or any other LDAP tool can be used to set
the password.

This tool will set GroupWise passwords for both regular NDS-based
GroupWise accounts and GroupWise External Entities.

2. Requirements

Since this tool is written in Visual Basic .NET, the .Net Framework
version 2.0 is REQUIRED. This can be obtained at
In addition, the following are also required on the workstation running

  • Novell Client for Windows

  • GroupWise Client for Windows

This program was tested and developed with a GroupWise 7.0.1
environment. However, it should work with any GroupWise system back to
at least version 5.5 EP and just about any eDirectory version back to
eDirectory "85."

In addition to the above software requirements, the user running the
tool must have FULL file rights to the domain directory and proper
administrative rights in eDirectory to modify accounts.

3. Installation

Simply unzip the archive into a directory. The Interop DLL must be
in the same directory as the executable.

5. Operation

Prior to launching GWPASSWD, the workstation should be logged into
eDirectory with a drive mapped to a GroupWise domain directory.
GWPASSWD must have access to WPDOMAIN.DB in order to function.

Command Line Format:

    gwpasswd -d domainpath -u user -m DN|GW -p newpassword [-v]


-d Path to GroupWise Domain Database (WPDOMAIN.DB) - REQUIRED

-u Mailbox to reset.

Format is Distinguished Name (NDS object in dot notation)

or GroupWise Object(GWID.Post Office.Domain),

depending on mode switch (see mode switch below) - REQUIRED

-m     Mode to use to locate user/mailbox.

DN for NDS Distinguished Name or

GW for GroupWise object ID - REQUIRED

-p New mailbox password - REQUIRED

-v Verbose output - Optional

-h This help message

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