GroupWise Personal Address Book Search and Replace 1.2


The purpose of this program is to search through a GroupWise users's personal address books looking for a specified search string. It will replace that string with another one. For example, if there are addresses of the form, it can replace those with addresses of the form It can search through almost all of the available fields.

This program was written when we removed an Exchange connector from our GroupWise system. All the Exchange addresses in the personal address books had the form ofusername.ExternalPostOffice.ExternalDomain. Obviously,this would have created problems trying to send to these Exchange users without the connector. To solve this, this program was written that searched all personal address books, looking for the .ExternalPostOffice.ExternalDomain string and replace it with a valid

In our implementation of this, the search and replace strings were hard coded. To configure the program now, a separate text file, gwabfix.conf must be copied into the same directory as the executable, gwabfix.exe. In the configuration file change the SearchAddress, ReplaceWith, and Field entries to whatever is needed. Then run the program. The user must be logged into GroupWise for the program to work.

Also,if the address book is open at the same time as the program is run, the user will need to refresh the address book before the changes will be seen. For this reason, it is recommended to run the program with the address book closed. Step by step instructions on its use are included in the readme.txt file as well.

There are two main differences between this version and previous versions of the program. First, previous versions could only search through email addresses. This version allows a search and replace to be done on almost all of the fields in the personal address books. Second, configuration parameters were added that allow a user to change things such as the location of the log file, whether a log file should be generated, the visibility of the user interface and whether all of the frequent contacts should be deleted.


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