September Collaboration Community Technical Webinar Scheduled


We keep rolling with the monthly Collaboration Community Technical webinars. The next one will be held on September 29 at 10am Mountain time.

The Topic: Digging into GroupWise Messenger: How to use it now and what's coming in the future.

In this webinar you will learn from the Messenger Engineering team how to setup and configure Messenger for optimal operation. You will also learn how to get the new Messenger Mobile apps working on multiple platforms. And if you've been wondering what the future might hold for Messenger, come get a sneak peek at the direction of GroupWise Messenger 2017 as well.

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We will continue to record all the webinars and post them back to this blog for your convenience.

Don’t forget we choose the topics for Collaboration Community Technical Webinar series by you telling us what you want to see. So be sure to visit the Ideas Forum for the CCTW and vote for the topics you would like to see in coming months.  Not seeing a topic you would like training on?  Add it to the list!


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