New Collaboration Community Webinar Scheduled


The next webinar in the Collaboration Community is scheduled!   For this webinar we have pulled from the very top of the request list in the Ideas Forum for the Collaboration Community Webinars.

How to develop GroupWise Plug Ins

Topics for this session Include:

    • An overview what APIs GroupWise has and how to use them.


    • Introduction into the REST Interface and how it could help me in my daily work as a GroupWise Administrator

The Webinar is schedule for January 19, 2016 at 10:00am MST.  If you are unable to attend it will be recorded and posted for you.  We do want you to attend the live Webinar and to be able ask questions so please be sure to register!

Also, please visit the Ideas Forum for the Collaboration Community Webinars, and add & vote for the GroupWise, and Vibe webinars that you would like to see in the future


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