Collaboration Community Technical Webinar: Troubleshooting Micro Focus GroupWise: Best Practices Scheduled

The next webinar in the Collaboration Community Technical Webinar series is scheduled and ready for you to register.

If you are a GroupWise administrator, find out from a senior backline support engineer the best practices for troubleshooting GroupWise.  In this webinar, you will learn how to use log files and GWCHECK to help troubleshoot and resolve common issues with GroupWise.

The Webinar is scheduled for Thursday February 16 at 10am Mountain time.  It will be live and then available ondemand after it is completed.   Please register today here!

This webinar was requested directly from our community via the IDEAS portal for Community Webinars.   If you have an IDEA for the next webinar please add it or vote for an existing IDEA  in the Collaboration Community Technical Webinar IDEA forum so we can get it on the schedule.


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