Digging into GroupWise Messenger.... Webinar Posted


The Collaboration Community Technical webinar for September, "Digging into GroupWise Messenger: How to use it now and what's coming in the future" is completed, recorded, and now available online for you to view.

If you missed the webinar, came late, had to leave early, or just want to see it again be our guest.

This webinar was delivered by two of our principal architects from the Messenger engineering team and focused on getting the most out of the current 3.x version of Messenger, with an emphasis on the mobile apps. In addition a preview was given on the new architecture for integration of Messenger administration into the GroupWise Administration web console for GroupWise 2017 and GroupWise Messenger 2017.

On the GroupWise 2017 platform, GroupWise Messenger will no longer be bound to ConsoleOne and eDirectory.  You will be able to administer your GroupWise system and Messenger from the same location.

We have not yet posted the topic and registration link for next months Webinar.  Stay posted to this blog as we will announce it soon.

Don’t forget we choose the topics for Collaboration Community Technical Webinar series by you telling us what you want to see. So be sure to visit the Ideas Forum for the CCTW and vote for the topics you would like to see in coming months. Not seeing a topic you would like training on? Add it to the list!


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