GroupWise releases two new support packs this week!


GWI am very pleased to announce the release of two new support packs for GroupWise this week. The support packs are GroupWise 2014 SP2 (14.0.2) and GroupWise 2012 SP4 (12.0.4). Both of these support packs are cumulative releases. This means that if you have taken a previous support pack, hot patch or FTF for your version of GroupWise, these support packs contain all of the previous fixes and security updates previously released and new fixes and security updates unique to these support packs. So wherever you are in GroupWise 2014 or GroupWise 2012 we highly encourage you to update.

For GroupWise 2014 this support pack was previously unscheduled. We had planned to release GroupWise 2014 R2 (14.2) as the next release for GroupWise. After evaluation we decided that it would be very beneficial to our customers to get this patch in your hands now. This gives our customers on GroupWise 2014 the latest fixes and security updates that you have been waiting for.

The next schedule release for GroupWise is still GroupWise 2014 R2 (14.2) and the target is still the second half of 2015. GroupWise 2014 R2 will contain all of these fixes in 14.0.2, plus all of the new features that have been committed and talked about on this blog. In addition I still have some more features to share with you, so stay tuned in.

For GroupWise 2012 this support pack (12.0.4) marks the end of the General Support lifecycle for GroupWise 2012. GroupWise 2012 moved from General Support to Extended Support on June 30, 2015. This means that the only future support packs for GroupWise 2012 would only be released if there were critical security fixes. We would not be addressing fixes to GroupWise 2012 in the extend support phase of the lifecycle. While GroupWise 2012 is officially past General support, we felt it was beneficial to release this support pack. It contains all of the previous fixes, hot patches and FTF’s in this release. If you are still on GroupWise 2012 we highly encourage you to update to 12.0.4 while you plan to update to GroupWise 2014.

For more information on the Lifecycle please visit the Product Support Lifecycle policy and the Detailed Product Support Lifecycle information page for Lifecycle dates.


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  • Dear Mike,

    all my customers was migrated away from GroupWise, Novell and ZENworks and we can't do anything to stop that.

    Have you any good news for us about Novell ?

  • Is there some reason you decided to name the next GW release 2014 R2 and not 2015/2016 ?
    It will/is confusing with 2014 SP2 and 2014 R2 /SP1/SP2 ?
  • Hello Mr. Bills ,
    can you ever closer narrow in what timeframe Groupwise 2014 R2 is made available ?
    In GroupWise environments with Microsoft AD connections all customers waiting for a SSO with Kerberos ! .
    Greeting Andreas Kronawitter