Micro Focus Acquires GWAVA





Micro Focus has acquired GWAVA!  I want to be among the first to officially welcome GWAVA to Micro Focus.  While the GWAVA product lines extend beyond GroupWise, GWAVA has been a key ISV technology partner who has provided additional GroupWise functionality like back-up, archiving, restoration, and messaging security for years.  I am excited and pleased for what this means for Micro Focus, GWAVA, the Micro Focus Collaboration portfolio of products, and our mutual customers.

If you have seen me present a roadmap (or watched this blog), you know that the vision of the Micro Focus Collaboration portfolio is to provide a unified instant and persistent exchange of messages, including relevant files and communication history, to enhance team collaboration. The addition of products from GWAVA into the collaboration portfolio demonstrates the commitment Micro Focus has to GroupWise and its customers.  This acquisitions allows GroupWise customers to enjoy a comprehensive email solution with integrated security and enterprise-class email archiving and restoration from a single source.  This acquisition also helps Micro Focus to integrate GWAVA products with other solutions across additional Micro Focus product lines.

Most of our customers are already aware of GWAVA and its product lines.  For those customers, I am sure you see this is a natural fit for Micro Focus.  If you are not familiar with GWAVA products, then please review them and see how they can bring additional value to your corporate communication strategy and portfolio.

I am sure that this acquisition raises a lot of questions for Micro Focus customers and for GWAVA customers.  Rest assured that those questions will be answered and our mutual customers will be well taken care of.  Stay tuned to this blog for future updates.   For now, be excited at what this means for the future of GroupWise.


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