GroupWise 2014 & 2014 R2 Lifecycle update

I have mentioned on this blog that we are hard at work preparing for the next major release of GroupWise; GroupWise 2017 codename "Wasatch"

Over the next several months I will share more information about Wasatch with you, including features, schedule, what to expect etc...

Engineering is hard at work to deliver Wasatch in 2017.  I want to assure customers that are on the GroupWise 2014 versions (Including R2) that we remain committed to you.  For that reason we are extending the Mainstream support dates for GroupWise 2014 (which includes R2), GroupWise Mobility & GroupWise Messenger to Dec 31, 2017.

This is to assure customers,  especially those on maintenance, that you will continue to receive support and be given adequate time to plan an upgrade once Wasatch ships.  When Wasatch ships if we need to extend that mainstream support date again to give customers time to upgrade we will do so.

For more information on Lifecyle dates for GroupWise products please visit our support lifecycle page.



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  • Hi Mike, It might be time to consider an update/replace/remove this: . If you have any general ideas on when Wasatch/GW 2017 might release - Early 4Q 2017 perhaps? - it would help us with project and resource planning.
  • PS, as stated in the original blog. When Wasatch ships we will re-evaluate that support date and will extend it to give customers time to upgrade before 14.x goes out of General/Mainstream support.
  • Product Lifecycles have not changes. As an application Groupwise releases have a 3 year General/Mainstream support lifecycle.

    What has changed is that we have made releases with new features in the middle of a lifecycle.

    R2 was released as 14.2. It was the first support pack we had released since probably 5.5 EP that had new features in it, so we touted it heavily. It was still part of the 14.x lifecycle. I know that has caused confusion and I apologize. Hopefully this helps clarify.

    14.2.1 was also a support pack and had new features in it.

    When the Wasatch version of GroupWise ships, it will be a .0 version and it will start a new lifecycle. When we release .1, .2 versions in Wasatch they will have new features, but still be a part of the Wasatch lifecyle.
  • Why are your product lifecycles for GroupWise becoming so short? GW2014 R2, which was presented as a version release (more than just a support pack, forked code, major feature enhancements etc), has been out less than a year and you are ending mainstream support for it in approximately one year? That makes the lifecycle less than 2 years for a product that is actually pretty solid. Why not allow it to run for a while? Or at least let it be for a year or so AFTER you have actually shipped the next release. Right now you have set an arbitrary end of life date based on pure speculation of the release date for the new version.
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