Troubleshooting a C06B Error with the GroupWise Server Migration Utility



While migrating a GroupWise System from NetWare to Linux using the GroupWise Server Migration Utility, we saw an error that the customer had remote document libraries. We knew we didn't have any remote document libraries, and reviewing their locations in Consoleone proved this. We continued with the migration, not really worrying too much about it. However, when we attempted to load the GroupWise POA on the LINUX server, it wouldn't load correctly. We loaded it manually and found it was giving an error, "Machine Class Not Defined In Area Definition (C06B)."


We had to remove the remote document libraries that GroupWise thought it had. We did this by following these steps:

1. Access GWCheck.

2. Select Analyze/Fix Library.

3. Remove the deleted storage areas.

4. Move documents first.

5. Reassign orphaned documents.

6. Select a user to reassign the documents to.

Once we ran this, we were able to start the POA without any issues.


The user had previously installed and deleted a remote storage area for one of the libraries without going through the necessary steps to remove it. Once we ran this GWCheck, it cleaned up any references to the deleted storage area and allowed the post office to start.

Below is a snapshot of the option used in GWCheck:

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Figure 1


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  • Saved my bacon!

    I was tinkering with a new install and the library function thinking of saving documents to a SnapServer. Authentication wasn't working as I planned so I decided to abandon the project for later. I deselcted the library unc mapping feference within ConsoleOne/GroupWise/POA/Libraries and left the default location, the PO selected as the location for documents.

    The time was approaching to get the new GroupWise server into operation. I had the server down for a week while working on another project. When I brought the server back up my mail clients (GroupWise and Outlook 2003) were relentlessly prompting for my password, another test user was getting the same thing.

    . I used the GroupWise Monitor Web interface to check GroupWise and found that the Domain was up/Normal, the GWIA was up/Normal but the PO was down (POA_PO.Domain). No information from the Monitor, somewhat useless as it could not gather information as it was down.

    Now, so many days later AND after shutting down the server I had no idea what could be causing problems with GroupWise today. At the terminal I went to /etc/init.d and called "grpwise status". It showed:
    Checking [POA_PO.Domain] unused
    Checking [Domain] done
    Checking [Domain.GWIA] done

    I went to the console and tried to start the POA manually as I had done in the original install. Again, at the terminal I changed to /opt/novell/groupwise/agents/bin and invoked './gwpoa --show -home /opt/novell/groupwise/POA_po &' (without the quotes). It stried to start and left me with a window with the error "Machine Class Not Defined In Area Definition (C06B)."

    Started Googling for similar phrases without much hope. I logged into Novell's Forums and started to get more of what I was looking for! Found an article, document # 10099631 written in Nov 11th 2005 for GroupWise 6.5. Followed it all the way through and did not fix the problem but I did learn gwcheck! I deleted the pointer to //SnapServer/Shared/Groupwise folder from the library tab in ConsoleOne and now needed to clear it out from an apparent 'other' location(s).

    Hopefully anyone with this similar problem will find your article/Tip and be able to remedy it quickly. Thanks Matt!!!

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