GroupWise Personal Address Book Advanced Search and Replace

This tool originally helped with the conversion of GroupWise 4.1 to GroupWise 5.x address books, and also changed details on the personal address book entries, like the gateway name. It can even parse out an address and make up a new one based on it. This tool was written originally for a customer, primarily so they could switch from using an x.400 name over an expensive MCI gateway to using an SMTP name over the internet.

It now includes an updated .SRI file that shows how to clean up the side effects of enabling GroupWise Internet Addressing.

This little utility is great now for cleaning up those old address book entries that have the GroupWise Foreign (Non-GroupWise) Domain name in front of them prior to having GroupWise Internet Addressing enabled. For example, . Another type of entry that the GroupWise Address Books learned was the old GroupWise UPD syntax, for example "".GWIAGatewayName.DomainName.

This program can run fully unattended with the /AUTO command line switch on startup or in a fully interactive GUI mode with no parameters specified.

This program has been used by Novell Consulting against a GroupWise 7.01 Windows client as of April 2006 and it still works well for being a compiled Delphi v3 program from 1998.

See included .pdf file for details.


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