Pushing Accepted Appointments to a Google Calendar



For some reason you can't get to Groupwise WebAccess, or for some reason your company hasn't set up Groupwise Mobile - therefore you need a way to view your accepted GroupWise appointments.


Here are the steps for pushing out your accepted GroupWise appointments to your Google Calendar:

1. From GroupWise, create a rule like this:

"When event is Filed to Calendar folder and if condition is Appointment, Add Action to Delegate to: name@gmail.com Comments to recepient:GWDelgate"

2. From gmail, create a filter where the search criteria is from your GroupWise email address, name@source.domain, and has the words GWDelegate.

3. Set the action to "Delete it".

Note: I was able to then set up gmobilesync, http://rareedge.com/gmobilesync/, to sync my Google calendar to my Windows Mobile 5 device and thus my GroupWise Calendar. Version 1.4 of the app will include the ability to schedule a sync.

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  • Ralph,

    The instructions at the link you posted worked for me.

    Make sure you pay attention to this note in the instructions.

    NOTE: GMail allows you to send things to yourgmailaddress+something@gmail.com and it will still go to yourgmailaddress@gmail.com. However, it is important that you DO NOT use this feature here. Because of the way GMail processes appointment emails, it will not get added to your Google Calendar. So just put your regular gmail address into the “To:” field.

    After I made that change in my GW rule, GCal auto-accepted my GW appointments.

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