Pushing Accepted Appointments to a Google Calendar



For some reason you can't get to Groupwise WebAccess, or for some reason your company hasn't set up Groupwise Mobile - therefore you need a way to view your accepted GroupWise appointments.


Here are the steps for pushing out your accepted GroupWise appointments to your Google Calendar:

1. From GroupWise, create a rule like this:

"When event is Filed to Calendar folder and if condition is Appointment, Add Action to Delegate to: name@gmail.com Comments to recepient:GWDelgate"

2. From gmail, create a filter where the search criteria is from your GroupWise email address, name@source.domain, and has the words GWDelegate.

3. Set the action to "Delete it".

Note: I was able to then set up gmobilesync, http://rareedge.com/gmobilesync/, to sync my Google calendar to my Windows Mobile 5 device and thus my GroupWise Calendar. Version 1.4 of the app will include the ability to schedule a sync.

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