Pushing a large list of users into a GroupWise 14/18 group using the RestAPI


The attached script is used for administrators who need to add hundreds or thousands of users to a specific group in GroupWise.

Instructions to post numerous users to a specific group:
1. Create the group in the admin console.
2. Modify the script with vi or gedit. You will be changing the URL portion and the GroupWise admin credentials.
You will be changing the following fields: (Domain, Post Office, Group Name.)
3. After modifying the three fields above, either right click on the URL and open or copy/paste it to a browser. If you receive a 404 not found, you will need to verify that URL information is correct.
4. Save the script and exit.
5. Modify Userlist.txt to include the users you want to add. You will need to have them in the following format:
i.e: USER.pkldom.pklpo.pickles
6. Make the script executable with chmod.
7. Run the script with: ./gwmp.sh Userlist.txt
8. The script will start processing the users. If it is unable to add the users, it will output to gwmp.log with the response. These users may need to be added manually.

Misc notes:
If gwmp.log is chock full of BAD REQUEST errors, you will need to set the file format to Unix. Enter the script with vi, and type out set: fileformat=unix. Press enter, and then :wq.


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