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I'm wondering if anyone has encountered the issue of Groupwise Web Access not updating (1 hour) after DST (Daylight Savings Time). We have groupwise web-access running virtually (ESX) on windows advanced server 2000. After this past weekends DST, we now have a time issue when accessing groupwise through web-access. The time in the web-access client is still one hour off. The only fix I've found so far, is to have the end user go into their web-access settings, and select timezone and relink their web access to the post office. This does work, but we have 350 users that would have to complete this task. The web-access server (windows 2000) did update to DST locally, but web access is still one hour off. Likewise the ESX server also syncronized to the new time. The primary groupwise domain is running on Netware 6.5 sp6, and the groupwise client did update properly. All groupwise agents on the netware server are set to the proper time zone. Would anybody have any thoughts as to what needs to change on the windows server (registry setting, re-install, etc)? One thought is to re-install web-access, but I'm wondering if there is a quicker fix. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,




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  • All my systems had been patched as well for DST
    still webaccess shows off 1 hour.
    anybody find a fix
    please post.

    I think it is hard coded time somewhere...
  • I have the same issue. I applied all of the patches last fall. My server times are correct and the timestamp in Groupwise client is correct, but not on Web Access. I also noticed that the last time logged in is still in standard time in ConsoleOne... again, all other times seem fine. Have mixed OES & Netware 6.5 servers.

    My time zones for the domain & post office are/were fine.

    If anyone can advise, please do!!
  • Gary,
    I experienced the exact same situation.
    Assuming the users are not changing the time zone in GW Web options, I corrected our issue via ConsoleOne, onnect to the Primary Domain.
    Check the DST settings by Tools -> GW System Operations-> Time Zones

    The start and end dates for DST were set to the previous start/end dates. I changed them for each time zone we have offices in to the 2nd Sunday March start, 1st Sunday November end, restarted the gW agents and GW Web reflects the correct time.

    Hope this helps