Nagios/Icinga GroupWise Plugin

Since GroupWise is not running under NetWare anymore and snmp is not the safest art of monitoring I wrote a plugin for nagios / icinga / shinken to monitor the GroupWise agents.

New download location:

All checks are based on the http pages of the agent.

Based on different situations it's also possible to change port, enable/disable ssl, and use authentication pair.

In Version 0.9 the following options are available:
./ --help
Usage: -H <groupwise-server> [-S] [-u <user>] [-p <password]
[-P <port>] -m <mode> -l <command> [-w <warning>] [-c <critical>] [-V]

Plugin to monitor GroupWise 2012 MTA, POA and GWIA
GroupWise Server Hostname or IP-Address

To use secure HTTPS connection

User for Agent HTTP Interface

Password for Agent HTTP Interface

Type of agent to monitor: mta, poa, gwia



Command for specified agent:
- MTA:
\- info
- process and version info
\- links
- status of mta links
\- uptime
- uptime of mta
\- msgprocessed
- messages processed since start
\- msgprocessed10
- messages processed last 10 minutes

\- uptime
- uptime of gwia
\- queues
- e-mail queues of gwia
\- stats
- e-mail statistics of gwia since start
\- stats10
- e-mail statistics of gwia last 10 minutes

- POA:
\- uptime
- uptime of poa
\- users
- count of connected users

print help page

print plugin version

I've tested it with GroupWise 8 and GroupWise 2012, installed in english. If you've got problems or/and errors please report them to me with your GroupWise version and your language installed. It would also be nice to get the sourcecode from your http page.

I'm thankful for all your feedback and responses.


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