GroupWise: Features You Lose!

Novell recently published a 'Top Ten Features Users Lose If They Move' flyer that spells out just a few of the things GroupWise users love about Novell GroupWise!

You can access the flyer here.

The document lists the following features:

  1. Superior message tracking

  • Silent message retraction

  • Native attachment viewing

  • Recurring appointment flexibility

  • Managing group tasks

  • User-controlled proxy rights

  • Enhanced busy search

  • Simpler folder sharing

  • Calendar view of future tasks

  • Managing sent appointments and calendar items

Of course, the flyer goes into more detail on each of these items and provides explanations. There were many features and capabilities to choose from, but these are the ones chosen for this flyer.

What would you miss?

So - now that I have your brainstorming attention - what are those things that you use every day in the GroupWise product that you simply could not live without?

Personally, I have a long list of things that are leveraged in GroupWise and that are customized to a particular way of working - MINE!! I have customized the highly productive habitat to manage my workload, schedule, and information. GroupWise is not only my calendar, task list, contact manager, and principal communication mechanism, but GroupWise is also my information storage and recall nerve center.

Most work days start and end with GroupWise!

Share what features you would miss or that you use the most!!



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  • Dean,

    While interesting, this document it's nothing more than preaching to the choir. My community and I recognize all of these features as being wonderful (except if you're a Macintosh user), and some of them have likely extended the life span of GroupWise here at my campus, but they are greatly overshadowed now by other shortcomings.

    There isn't a single Macintosh user that would take the Mac GW Client, and the features on the list that do work, over something modern and well integrated as Mac Outlook. It makes me sad to say that, but it's the absolute truth.

    If you want to keep customers, fix/address the reasons why we are leaving.

    Let's see something from you on the Macintosh front...

    Is there a new client on the way?
    Is CalDAV and CardDAV in the works?

    Moving from GroupWise isn't free, but when your customers are willing to spend the money, and accept the loss of some "coveted features," it's time to think different.

  • For the record, I'm a GroupWise fan. I've ran it since version 5 and will try and get away with running it for as long as possible. But honestly, a few features that will be missing if you leave is not going to make people want to stay. Get the client bugs and annoyances fixed, get the product rock-solid like it once was, and maybe then bosses like mine won't lean on so many people to look elsewhere!

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  • Alan,

    Thanks for the feedback - anything more specific you would like us to focus on. Client bugs and annoyances is a pretty big target. If you have SRs or defect # - that might help us prioritize. Not everyone experiences the same annoyance or issue.


  • We are a pure Linux Company. Our Servers, Desktops and the whole Infrastructure is based on Linux (SLES, OES, OpenSuse and Debian). As i updated to GW2012SP1 i hoped to see Webaccess with the same features as the Windows Client (we would use Webaccess as substitution for the Linux Client). But this wasn't so. Missing features like "Changing Mails to Appointments" is one of the showstoppers. Missing Proxy functionality in Webaccess for iPad is the next. I would find more other features of the Windows Client which are not integrated in Webaccess. The Linux Client is dead. Webaccess has not the same features as the Windows Client. Look at other Solutions (e.g. VMware's Zimbra) there is one Client for all platforms. The Webinterface looks like the Desktop Client. Same look and feel, same functionality! For us it is clear that we have to look for a new Collaboration Solution the next time. Always waiting for news in the roadmaps makes really sad. So i think we have to move, Goodbye Groupwise...