Getting your GroupWise email on iPhone and iPad

Trying to access your GroupWise from your iPhone and iPad can be a little daunting. We get customer questions about it all the time. For example: "I'm trying to sync my GroupWise e-mail with my iPhone/iPad, and i'm trying to locate the incoming and outgoing mail server host names/passwords."

How you do it really depends on what version of GroupWise you are using. If you are using GW7, then you only have the option of WebAccess.

If you are using GW8 or GW2012, your GroupWise admin can also set up Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack to connect your iPhone/iPad. It's free if your company is current on its maintenance contract. Talk to your GroupWise admin (just call your company Help Desk). Point them to this page for details.

Note: Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack is the same thing as Novell Data Synchronizer. The name was changed along the way.

If you do not have, or want, Data Synchronizer, then again you have WebAccess.

If you are using a POP or IMAP client on your iPhone/iPad, you will have to get the incoming/outgoing mail server host names and passwords from your GW system administrator as they are not set by default and have to be enabled by the admin of the system.

Note: If, as some of you mentioned, it used to work fine and then suddenly you lose access to GroupWise from your iPhone or iPad, you need to report it to your GroupWise system administrator. Something may have changed that inadvertently interfered with Data Synchronizer.


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