Solving Port Conflicts with a Second GroupWise PO



A Forum reader recently asked:

"I have one PO called "Staff" configured for the staff at my school. This is all working fine. I now want to add a second PO for the students and I want to load the POA on the same server as the first PO.

I am running into port conflicts. So far I have created a students.poa and changed the ports to C/S port: 1678; MT port: 7102; HTTP port: 7182. I also changed the ports in ConsoleOne to the same values. When I try to load the new PO it tells me that port 7101 is in use. What am I missing?"

And here's the response from Tim Heywood ...


So, you have created the PO and then found the conflicts. You have made the changes in ConsoleOne and then tried to restart - herein lies the problem. ConsoleOne works at the domain level, so the changes that you have made exist as admin messages for the domain to transmit to the PO when it next starts. But it can't start because ... (chicken and egg time).

The solution:

1. Do a Post Office rebuild - but when you do so, change the path to the database to be, say c:\temp.

2. Rename the original "wphost.db".

3. Copy the new one in.

Then when you start the PO, the right ports will be there.


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