Check GroupWise Users for Password


Tools you will need to complete the report:

DSReport to easily compile the list of GroupWise users into the allusers.txt

GWSend to check the accounts for a password

GroupWise Client

GWPWDCHK.BAT to run the test

This batch file will attempt to send a test message to a specified user using GWSend. It will test a list of user accounts that you create. When the batch file is finished running, a web page will be displayed with all the users and if their GroupWise password is set.

Follow these steps for the best results. This must be done on a PC with the GroupWise client installed.

The first step will be to set up a folder and rule in your GroupWise account to handle all the incoming test emails. Open your GroupWise client. Create a folder called nopass. Create a rule stating that any new incoming mail with the subject of nopass will be delivered into the new nopass folder. Enable the rule. Close out of the GroupWise client, and make sure you close Notify as well.

Create a folder on your C drive called GWPWDCHK. Download the GWPWDCHK.ZIP and extract the contents into the GWPWDCHK folder.

To create the allusers.txt, you can either type the list yourself, or use DSReport to create the list of users for you. Download DSReport.

You will need to save the list of GroupWise users as allusers.txt in the GWPWDCHK folder. An example of the allusers.txt is provided. Be sure to replace it with your list of GroupWise accounts.

Download the GWSend.exe

Extract and save the GWSend.exe in the GWPWDCHK folder

Edit the GWPWDCHK.BAT file. Go to the line

gwsend.exe /U=%Email% /Pro=N /T="Joe Admin" /Subj=nopass /IPA=X.X.X.X /IPP=1677 >result.txt

and change the /T= to your email name. Use the naming convention set up on your GroupWise system. If you use the name of the user, "Joe User", be sure to use the quotes. Change the IPA= to your GroupWise server's IP address, and change the IPP= to whatever port you are using. Save and exit the batch file.

Your batch file is ready to run and collect the information. Double click on it or run it from a dos prompt. The batch file will move through all the user accounts in the allusers.txt file. If an account is found with no password it will send you an email, and at the end will create an emailcheck.htm file with the results of who has a password set and who does not. This is handy because you can update the allusers.txt file with new users and re-run the report at any time. You can modify the GWSend command to also email a notification to the user that their mail needs a password. You could also use the emails you received in the nopass folder to respond if action is necessary.

The GWPWDCHK.BAT batch file was adapted from a batch file by theITguy. The file is located at


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