Managing Multiple GroupWise PO's on the Same OES Server



A Forum reader recently asked:

"I have an OES10 server running one GroupWise PO at the moment. I would like to create a new PO for new users on the same server. Is it possible to have two PO's running on the OES box? If so (as I am pretty sure it is), how can I set it up so I can stop and start each PO individually, as opposed to using the GroupWise script that is automatically created when a PO is added?"

And here is the response from Adam Gabriel ...


You don't need to write your own script - you can do them individually using the rcgrpwise script. You will have to add them to the gwha.conf, but then the init script will control each agent individually.

You could do something like this:

rcgrpwise start PostOffice1.POA
rcgrpwise start PostOffice2.POA
rcgrpwise start domain.MTA

Specify the agent exactly like it's listed in gwha.conf, or exactly like 'rcgrpwise status' lists it.


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