Sendlink Plugin for GroupWise

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Sendlink Plugin for GroupWise is a C3PO loaded by the GroupWise client and is used to integrate the Sage SoftSolutions Sendlink application with GroupWise. Sage Softsolutions Sendlink application is designed to alleviate sending file attachments through the GroupWise mail system.

When a user composes a new message using the Sendlink plugin, the C3PO aquires a list of file attachments and hands them off to the Sendlink application. The Sendlink application then copies these file attachments to a central repository on a shared resource and generates a hyper link to those files and embeds them into the a new GroupWise message. The hyper links are determined by the Sendlink application configuration during install.

Sendlink can be configured to create 3 types of hyperlinks, UNC types, ftp type or http type links. For a more in depth look at the Sendlink application please visit to download a free 30 day trial version.


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